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How it Started

A few years ago, Sensal Health's co-founders, both pharmacists, found themselves deep in a discussion about the health of their aging parents living many time zones away, the challenges of monitoring their treatments for multiple chronic issues, and ensuring that they were receiving timely medical interventions. Their discussion turned to seamless medication management in clinical trials and clinical practice before coalescing into a vision of the future in which healthcare providers and other caregivers are more empowered, one in which they can remotely monitor patients for adherence and overdoses and deliver timely interventions that benefit patients, healthcare providers, and payers.

Sensal Health evolved from this conversation.​ Sensal combines two words that capture the safety and efficacy that medications are meant to promise patients and clinicians, "sentinel" and "salubrious." "Sentinel" refers to a custodian or guardian, and "salubrious" is synonymous with healthy and rejuvenative.

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What Drives Us

As physicians, pharmacists, and clinical researchers, we know that medication adherence rates continue to be a challenge, and that this is further exacerbated with the rise in virtual healthcare delivery.  Clinicians have a powerful and unique bond of trust with their patients. For this reason, we believe that clinicians are the central enabler of high-quality patient care.

Our mission is to empower these enablers: We are committed to developing certified solutions that are accurate, reliable, and seamless - solutions that clinicians, CROs, and others in the healthcare community trust and rely upon to enable their mission to provide the best possible care for their patients, and best possible outcomes for their systems.

Our Team

The Sensal Health team combines decades of experience across all aspects of pharmacy (including clinical, behavioral change, retail, manufacturing, formulation, regulatory, and specialty products), medical expertise (dermatology and primary care), engineering (hardware, software, user centered design), program management, marketing, and commercialization of technology.

Deepak Sirdeshmukh, Ph. D, M.S., B. Pharm

Co-founder and President

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Leads product strategy, analytics, financing, recruiting, and strategic partnerships.

Mukti Gande


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Michal Holly

External CFO & Strategic Partnerships

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Leads and advises on financing, business and partnership opportunities.

Mandy Peckham

Client Engagement & Growth

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Establishes and manages client relationships, pilot and clinical study agreements, digital health partnerships, client success.

Dave Derick

Senior Consultant, Commercialization

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Collaboratively facilitates sales, business development and piloting initiatives.

Nestor Wiegandt

Head of Engineering

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Leads product development, design iterations, user testing, and integration.

Vani Subramanian

Senior Program Manager

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Leads product planning, user testing, integration, documentation, and release.

Felicia Umstead

Senior Administrator

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Asya Wilson

Brand Communications Consultant

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Collaborates with the leadership team and marketing partners on brand communications initiatives.

Joanna Billings, Pharm.D.

Research Associate

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Assists with researching and synthesizing clinical literature and authoring reports.

Julie Roseland

HR Consultant

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Advises on recruiting, staff development, and other human resource services and strategies.

Scientific Advisors

Steve Feldman M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Advisor, Dermatology & Patient Adherence

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Ramesh Upadhyayula, RPh

Senior Clinical Pharmacy Advisor

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David Klein, M.D.

Senior Medical Advisor

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Ashok Krishnamurthy

Senior Data Science Advisor

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Business Advisors

Madhava Reddy, Sr

Advisor, Pharma Partnerships

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Nikhil Heble, Pharm.D.


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Jamie Schneier

Outside GC & Business Advisor

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Interested in joining the Sensal Health team?