Monitor your medication with the click of a button

Welcome to MyAide, a user-friendly web portal designed to help individuals of all ages better manage their medication taking habits.

View your medication schedule in one place

Assign a caregiver to help remind you when its time to take your medication

Easily access your records and print before your doctors appointment

We know that managing medications is never easy and can be at times overwhelming via an app if you’re not familiar with the technology. MyAide web has been designed for users who prefer to use a laptop or tablet rather than a smartphone.

The “Add a caregiver” feature allows users to give family members or other caregivers access to MyAide web so they can help keep your medication regimen on track.

With MyAide web you can:

  • View your medication schedule

  • Assign a caregiver

  • Print your medication history to show your physician at your next appointment

  • To learn more about MyAide web or sign up for free please click here.